Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day.

Today was my last day of classes (ever) as an English major. I feel very melancholy and am clinging to a mentality of denial akin to the likes of Norman Bates.

Highlights from my Last Day:

1.) Watched my friends Improv class final on campus which involved marathon runners sprinting to a finish line in the library, a safari in front of the science building, and a reenactment of the final scene from Harry Potter in our cafeteria equivalent.

2.) Watched, thanks to my sister, a Muppets version of the "tipping scene" from Reservoir Dogs. The Muppets swearing = very disorienting.

3.) Was driving to work on a remote woodsy road. Saw a tiny dog scampering on the side of the street so I pulled over and tried to call him over. I was barefoot and getting sunburned as I crouched near the baking asphalt. The dog ran from me and I felt rejected. Then a car came around the corner and I'm sure I looked silly.

4.) Was late to my last class since I ran up 4flights of stairs (in boots) at the library to check out On Chesil Beach. Had a feverish need to read it tonight for some reason. When I breathlessly slapped the book on the checkout desk the boy looked at the screen and whispered, "Ooh. You can't check this out. You have a lot of fines, did you know that?" Yes, I knew that.

5.) Forgot to turn off my cell phone so R2D2's cheery beeps filled our classroom. Awkward. Also, I'm fairly positive this is first time this has happened to me at college. Typical.

6.) Saw a giant black plastic bag caught in the wind, drifting higher and higher into the clear sky. I pointed up and said "American Beauty."

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