Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-Death List

I was cleaning out a drawer in my childhood room and came across my List of Things To Do Before I Die

The very first thing on the list is "Flying Lessons." Really? That's the first thing I thought of? I'm sort of scared of flying. Although maybe that's why I wanted the lessons..

I wrote the list in High School. It was exciting to see I'm able to cross a few things off:
- Ballet lessons
- Sky dive
- Get a manicure & pedicure (wtf? lame.)
- Be an extra in a film
- Walk across Golden Gate & Brooklyn Bridge

A few others I realized I may have to re-evaluate:
- Be on "Price is Right"and get kiss from Bob Barker
- Meet Tom Cruise (oh Tom, how you've fallen so)
- Work at Disneyland as Belle (pssh yeah right)

It may be about time I write a new list.

1 comment:

Romantics said...

Half of my list includes some type of guy or place to make out with (ie make out with a guy who doesnt speak english and have sex under a waterfall...hahaha)

check and check