Sunday, July 25, 2010

Apocalypse (again)

They have started again - my recurring dreams of the apocalypse.
Last time I was having them (reference July 2009 ) I had a big change coming in my life, so it's no surprise they've started again.

A few weeks ago I watched a charred and smoking truck fall out of the sky, directly in front of my house. It's black metal skeleton sat fuming amidst a destroyed neighborhood background. I sat with my face against a window and counted people as they stumbled - burnt and crispy - from the car. I counted five of them, all leaving trails of smoke behind them as they staggered away.

Last night I stood crying in the middle of an abandoned freeway. The ground was covered in ash and it came to my knees. I was shouting at someone that my suitcase was empty, I was crying.
There was nobody to hear me.

The end of my world is coming....but I've been through this before.

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