Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 Things

I Did Last Night

1.) Scooped a soggy slice of sourdough bread out of my toilet. It slopped into chunks as I tried to pick it up. My fingers just sank through the saturated flour & yeast, it felt like I was trying to pick up yogurt. It took me 6 tries to get the entire slice out. It took me 4 tries to wash my hands until I felt "clean"

2.) You.

3.) Saw this band which apparently I'm uncool for having never heard of, but who were really good! They were playing at an Autism fundraising event, which makes them even more likeable. Check it...

4.) Watched a saltine eating contest. Those are the best.

5.) Read the short romance stories by two anonymous and brilliantly talented friends, written for each other, about each other.
Here are some highlights (printed without author permission):

From one story "Unconquerable: A Viking's Love Story"

--She tried to hit him with her other hand but he grabbed it with light ease as well. “So we’re going to do this the hard way,” he whispered as he pinned her to the desk, locking her legs between his. She quickly had to submit to his demanding force. His chest lay against hers and she became all too aware of how close his lips were to hers.

--His tussled hair dripped down against his face. His wet clothes clung to his body, shadowing his muscles at each crease.

From the other story. Untitled....

-- What the fuck had he done to her? She was not the type to sit by and let some guy make her an unfeeling, human skid mark on the underwear of the world.

--Funny that whenever he felt like it wouldn’t matter if he slept throughout the rest of his existence, the universe presented him with a new, irresistible reason to wake up.

I'm friends with goddamn geniuses.