Monday, June 7, 2010

24 Things

I've Been Thinking About Lately
(The follower version)

1. My lack of recent writing
2. The pimple on my chin
3. Friends who are visiting from very far away
4. Jack Shepard
5. Early September
6. "deep roots are not reached by the frost"
7. My cats desire to escape out the window
8. A recent visit to the OBGYN
9. EH Shepard
10. Crumpled closure of friendship
11. World cup (World Cup world cup)
12. Being a teacher/professor/phony
13. A photo I saw of a bird smothered in oil.
14. A phone call from an "unavailable" number - who?
15. Positive thinking
16. You
17. June, on my Nuns Having Fun calender, shows them at a fair
18. A field I used to roll down as a child
19. Addictions
20. The five books next to my bed - each only 20pgs read
21. Guilt
22. Following something faceless
23. Forgotten passwords
24. Being old(er)

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