Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lists. On a Lazy Sunday...

Things I Need To Do Today
1. Apply to schools
2. Clean house for inspection
3. Homework
4. Take a shower
5. Not wallow

Things I Have Done Today
1. Realized app deadlines have already passed for half my schools
2. Thrown clothes and papers around the floor looking for my earbuds
3. Driven to three bookstores. Looked for 4 books. Come home empty-handed. Goddamn chainstores suck
4. Not showered...yet?
5. Wallowed. Excessively. The self-indulgent kind that makes you feel utterly selfish.

Sundays are the estranged half-uncle of the weekdays.
--He comes around more often than you'd like, makes you feel uncomfortable and overly aware of how little success you've had in the past week, scratches his face while chuckling--
"Still sitting on your ass I see...well at least that bag of Doritos found a comfortable home in your waistline."
"Maybe you could write the kleenex corporation? Have 'em sponsor you? Could call yourself Team Wallow."

Fucking Uncle Sunday.


heymaggiemay said...

I LOVE YOU. This is exactly what my sunday was, only it ended with vodka, half a percoset, a 3D puzzle and dancing in the living room. You just never know.

mikachu said...

hey #3 failed trips free and you can even buy used!