Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emotional hoo-ha

Well..I suppose it's time for my semi-annual posting.

Don't have much to say except I've had a tsunami of emotions slamming around inside me for a few weeks now. (*coughLindsaycough*) Why did you have to go & be such a good person and go to Namibia for two years? Huh?
I'm looking forward to life quieting down again for a while.
Although then it's easier to hear all the bullshit in my skull.

I'm still not into this whole "blog" thing so I guess I'm done with this post for now.
Maybe I'll be back again a little sooner than last time. Since I have a fan now...
(hi lindsay)


Lindsay said...

Best blog post eva'! I will stay up all day and all night hitting refresh on my browser waiting for your next post. I am so obsessed with you in a creepy cyper-stalker sort of way.

Katie Ann said...

gimme a break im not used to blogging yet. i SHOULD just be emailing you anything i write on here because it's basically just for you to read.

heymaggiemay said...

and me!