Friday, February 27, 2009

A Charade

Want a glimpse into a tiny window of my day?

At one point I was parked at the rear of a grocery store parking lot. Windows open, chair tilted, The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter propped on the steering wheel, and a large tree shading the car.
In the car with me are three, caged, unhappy cats.

A woman parked next to me and got out of her car, prompting the felines to begin their vocal orchestra once again. The woman looked. I smiled and said hello.

Our house was having its annual walk-through. We aren't supposed to have pets....let the charade begin..


mikachu said...

for the love if cats,
you and i both girl would do anything huh?

mikachu said...

oh haha and i know maggie at least too ( :

heymaggiemay said...

LOL I think you told me this when it happened, but it is still really funny