Sunday, March 1, 2009


Been struggling through a book about Buddhism for my China class.
Getting mindfucked by sentences like this,

-- The power of organized religion to provide sovereign states with a bulwark of moral legitimacy while simultaneously assuaging the desperate piety of the disempowered swiftly reasserted itself - usually by subsuming the rebellious ideas into the canons of a revised orthodoxy.

How many of you out there honestly think I'll be finishing this book before writing the report? Anyone?
The writer is a whore for adjectives and flowery verbs. A stupid, sweaty, male escort to unnecessary literary add-ons.

I bought "Tension Tamer" tea today. I think it may be working? Placebo effect...hello?
I also got a caffeinated one called "Morning Thunder." Now I can't wait for monday morning!

Happy March by the way! Thank the lordy-lord that February is over huh..
Mental hugs to you all

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allison said...

Wow! And I thought chemistry was doesn't even sound like english. I think i only know 5 words in that entire sentence.