Monday, March 30, 2009

Come on!

Today my professor for a GE literature class went ahead and blurted this in the middle of class (about a classic novel I've been wanting to read)
"I'm not giving anything away - so I can tell you how she murders her daughter. She pulls her head back and takes a saw to her throat."

Then he proceeds to read us the last page of The Things They Carried - once again reassuring us he wasn't giving anything away.
This is such a literary faux-pas I don't even know what to say. I wanted to plug my ears, but then I would have been that girl. I don't consider myself a book snob by any means, but he was being fucking ridiculous. Come on!

On a happier note I re-fell in Love with the comic "A Softer World"
Go here:
It'll make you happy,
happy with dark humor and sexual undertones..

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mikachu said...

so i must agree with you on those revealing details. but personally i feel as if i got over a softer world after i read the third strip. the same joke over and over again? w/e

though i think i will say my fave is that one that includes the nickname 'kittentits.' i am pretty sure i'd be okay with a dude calling me that